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BIM modelling

BIM technology provides accuracy in drawings development and data for CNC machines for prefabrication of steel structures and it lets reveal collisions at the development stage that finally leads to economy of money, time and minimization of overhead costs.

Software lets create complicated geometrical shapes and perform tasks connected with data such as import and export of parametric data. We are experts in development of BIM models with different levels of development (LOD) from 200 to 400.
Our professional team of model-makers have extended technical knowledge and can create high quality BIM models of any complexity that let our Customers get a competitive advantage.

Our success formula is in our Customer-oriented approach that consists of understanding of technical terms and practices as well as our experience in providing quality BIM models.
Our company of experts follows that we are aware of market trends for us to understand all international codes and regulations well. It’s important to send your requirements to a right BIM-company that has knowledge and experience in implementation of complicated projects.

We create a joint roadmap to present the best BIM modelling services for large-scale construction projects in Russia and we have experience in international projects.
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