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Technical analysis of projects

Our aim is to create a quality engineer product using less resources thus having economy in time and money. We help Customers not only make a design and construction process more economical with help of our design services but as well as we offer services in preparation for implementation of large-scale projects.

Basic data
  • Design technical task
  • Technical specification
  • Commercial terms
  • Other basic data
  • Analysis of Customer’s basic data
  • Preparation of the technical task for a set of performed works and its approval by a Customer
  • Project implementation plan development
  • Development and Customer’s approval of executive documents (documents of quality, painting reports, UT reports, NDT reports), definition of a scope and variant of issuing of final documents books
  • Development (if necessary) and Customer’s approval of Technical specifications for fabrication, fabrication control, painting, packing, marking.
  • Development and Customer’s approval of accounting documents forms
  • Development and Customer’s approval of shipping documents forms (packing list, delivery list, etc.)
  • Development of a typical supply contract
Work result
  • Approved technical task for design drawings and work shop drawings development
  • Technical specifications
  • Commercial specifications
  • Executive documents templates
  • Accounting documents forms
  • Shipping documents forms
  • Typical supply contract
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